de Carlis was founded on July 19th, 1972 by Rodolfo de Gasperis and Carla Perotti.

de Carlis was founded on July 19th, 1972, in Rome by the two partners in affairs Rodolfo de Gasperis and Carla Perotti.

Since the beginning the main focus of deCarlis collections are: quality, luxury, and research to innovate,combined with a highly competent team of professional people with big experience in the fur sector.

As a matter of fact, everything is designed, created, developed and realized in the Headquarter in Rome, that consists in the deCarlis building, that includes the shop and the offices,near the Spanish Steps in the heart of the eternal city.

In the years, many are the prizes gained all around the world, that recognized deCarlis as an excellence of the fur global industry.
In 1982 the company becomes member of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and
partecipates in the 1st Emba Show in Frankfurt and Tokyo. Only 20 other companies, from all over the world,are present on the show to promote the Canadian skins. In those years also other shows are in the schedule, all organized by the Camera della Moda and also by “NAFA” (Nort American Fur Auctions)
Afterwards, partecipates in all the international shows of the Soyuzpushnina”to promote the Russian skins for which on April 1997 will get a very important award. In the same year receives an award also for the American skins.
In 1989 the company licenses the “de Carlis” brand in Japan and in the USA.

In 1999, a new fashion line was born for cashmere, textileand leather , called “ de Carlis Outerwear”. In the meanwhile, the brand de Carlis Alta Moda remains an Italian exclusive. Between the 2000 and the 2002, the Roman office was restyled and
the new “de Carlis” perfume was made, distinguished by pure gold embedded in the fragrance. The collection “de Carlis Outerwear starts at “ CROCUS CITY MOLL “ on 2003.

Today deCarlis has among its customers the most important and influential women in Rome, in Italy and also in Russia, Japan, Korea, Usa.

Always in tune with trends, the objective of deCarlis is to realize the desires of the most demanding women, guaranteeing the maximum in terms of uniqueness and quality and the complete customer satisfaction