Collection Fur 2019/‘20

Without forgetting the principles of quality and Beauty, the two partners enjoyed creating a collection dedicated to women who like to feel "different'. The " street collection" which is part of It proves that with key-words, drawings and metal zippers inserted in colorful furs

Collection fur2018/19

Simple shapes, quality, skilfuness, lightness, give beauty to each piece and are the answers to the today’s requests.

Collection Fur 2017/18

Exasperations of richness for the choice of the skins and incredible colors create unique masterpieces.

Collection Fur 2016/17

This year collection is a great proof of craftsmanship of our artisans. You can appreciate “herring bones” works , many colors and several combinations of skins, from minks to sables, from shiny blue to pale pink.
It is a wonderful geometric game.

Collection Fur 2015/16

A collection designed for a dynamic metropolitan woman. Workings mostly horizontal; skins alternated and impact color effects such as orange geranium and bordeau brûlé, up to the “ printing” of the laminated coated mink skins.

Collection Fur 2014/15

The collection found inspiration in the 70’s with a touch of ethnic flavor given by the mix of strong colors such as marine turquoise, blue and yellow. Foxes Persian lambs and minks are the protagonists.
Heaviness and lightness play an extreme original game of combinations.